Welcome to Robbie Baxter Autos Ltd. New and Used Vehicles Invercargill

Dear customer,

Welcome to my place.

We want this to be a fantastic experience for you. From the moment you arrive you can relax. You are now our most important customer and we will take care of you and your vehicle accordingly.

Rest assured our people are experts in their fi eld and they want to show you how good they are. It’s a pride thing and we encourage it.

Please feel free to ask any questions of any of our people. They will help you and if they can’t they will fi nd someone who can.

We know your time is valuable and so we will try not to keep you waiting. However for the brief time you are here, please feel free to sit down and make yourself at home.

We pride ourselves in doing what we say we will do. If even the smallest thing dissatisfi es you please tell me, it’s my business so I'll sort it out. Thank you for coming to our dealership and we’ll see you again soon.

Robbie Baxter
Dealer Principal