Customer Testimonials

Thank you Rachel, Nigel and Bruce for the 5* service.

Kobus Groenewald

Just purchased my latest vehicle from Bruce. Fantastic dealing with people that just make things easy! And Rachel the finance star. Friendly , witty ,easy going Both these two are an absolute credit to Robbie Baxter Autos ! They made the whole deal an absolute pleasure! I highly recommend these guys for your next vehicle. And I would most definitely deal with them again!

Thanks Bruce and Rachel

Phil Taylor

Cheers for the excellent customer service. Excellent quick processing in paper work, patience in test drives. Over all I'd be happy to travel back to warrant and rego my car to support the business!

Joss Hannah

Brilliant service, thanks Bob for all your help, the car was a dream to drive, good test drive from Invercargill to Blenheim.

Wayne Wallis

Customer WOW Comments: Nigel McPherson was pleasant and explained everything so well spent the time to show me around where the workshop was where to make cup tea when visiting the garage explained everything about the car and where everything was and when I donged the bell Robbie came out with a box of chocolates on my purchase a very pleasing experiance when purchasing a car excellent people skills.

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Customer WOW Comments: Bob turner at robbie baxter autos rachel backhurst done a great job at preparing everything and made the whole process hassle free. also a gift hamper when picking up the vehicle to say thanks and appreciate the business was a nice touch,

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Customer WOW Comments: Service Manager got my car finished early for me so I could return to my home over an hour away as extreme weather warning had been issued.

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Customer WOW Comments: Kent the mechanic who brought our car home to our house, and then took the loan car back to town the next day

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Customer WOW Comments: Bob Turner new exactly what vehicle I required for my situation and his follow up after my first visit was really helpful in my decision to purchase a vehicle from Hyundai again.

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Customer WOW Comments: Robbie Baxter always goes out of his way to make you feel a special customer v

Customer WOW Comments: Salesman Bob Turner from Robbie Baxter's Invercargill and Sales Manager Bruce. Bob arranged for Bruce to bring the car to Queenstown. I live in Cromwell, Central Otago and that saved me having to make the trip to Invercargill. I appreciated that very much.

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Customer WOW Comments: Bruce Sutherland was very patient and even though it was pouring with rain took me around all the vehicles that were higher to let me get in and out to see if they would be easier for my husband to get in or out with his spinal injury. Really appreciated the time spent.

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Customer WOW Comments: Not sure of his name, he greeted me in the service dept and when he saw me return it was clear that he knew what car was mine as he had my keys and other information ready for me to grab .I also really liked getting a text to say that my car was ready to be collected! Great service :) Our whole experience with Robbie Baxter Hyundai has been amazing.

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Customer WOW Comments: Kris. His polite manner and keeping me informed and up to date with the cars requirements within a minimal time after putting the car in for service.

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Thank you very much, you made my very first time buying a brand new car very special.


Thank you so much for the fabulous service, I really appreciated Bob and the team going the extra mile for me.


Nigel (salesman) very impressed with him (as I've already mentioned) I had to ring the bell and got to meet the dealership owner Robbie Baxter, the man, and he presented me with a basket of goodies. Very impressed - they went the extra mile.

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The Service team who did my warrant of fitness. All done an excellent & very timely warrant of fitness

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Bob Turner his great manner and not too pushy and also Rachel Backhurst who was very professional to deal with.

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Bob Turner & Rachel Backhurst were very professional in the handling of our purchase of a new car. Very careful to explain everything and the basket of goodies from Mr Baxter himself was very appreciated.

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Nigel McPherson - Robbie Baxter autos. Very polite and was able to answer all our questions regarding the vehicle. He was able to cater to our needs - replaced the tyres to more suitable ones that we needed. Surprised us with a gift basket when we picked up our new vehicle. Thanks Nigel, for looking after us

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Extremely satisfied, brilliant service, our fourth purchase with you guys in 2 ½ years and I will return.

Mrs V E McColl

Just went in to see Nigel for a yarn and look around... he got me. I will always recommend Nigel to my friends, he's good.

IH Holland

Nigel is a very good sales person – Not pushy or overbearing !! Very professional. All brands value for $$ to compare features – price – economy – style. Over 4 years plus no complaints to date, have had excellent service.

WD Stuart & EA Van Bolderen

Would like to thank you all for your polite service as I came in several times and tested a few cars till I found the "one" - Very happy :o)

TC Brown

Thank you for the chilly bag, it will be MOST useful and much appreciated. We enjoy dealing with the whole team Thank you! And the car we have is great

Kay & Graham Kirken

Very impressed with the service I received. Thank you - love my new car :o)

B C Patterson

We would emphasis the attention given us by Nigel your sales person. It was "beyond the call of duty"

E & R Anderson

All staff were helpful without being pushy

DP & J Hoare

Note, the staff stayed after hours to complete the deal, good team

JE & S Lloyd

All the staff have been friendly and helpful on each occasion. Robbie has been helpful with any enquiries I have had.

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Nigel McPherson was excellent to deal with and gave us a box of favourites when we purchased the car. He rang us with a follow up call to make sure we were happy with the vehicle

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We had a key that was coming a little wobbly and I was concerned it was going to get stuck in the ignition. I took it back to Bob at the dealership and they had it sorted in the afternoon and the maintenance guy ( I cannot remember his name) dropped the key off at my house that evening!! Fantastic

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Bob was very helpful and knowledgeable about the car. I was pleasantly surprised with the gift basket I received, something I wasn’t expecting.

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The person I spoke to on the phone to book WOF & Service was great as I needed a ride to work after dropping my vehicle off and needed the vehicle delivered back to me when the work was completed,. When I actually dropped my vehicle off everyone at the service desk knew that I needed a ride and it was all organized for me.

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Robbie and Nigel, they kept us informed on what was happening with our new vehicle. They did a fantastic job, very helpful.

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I find every staff member I’ve dealt with to be extremely helpful and can tell delivering a high level of service is very important to them and their company they work for.

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Really appreciated the personable help in choosing this vehicle. Were extremely happy with all of your help.

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Nigel came in on his day off as we could only come in on a Saturday afternoon.

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